Filing Divorce Papers in Texas

While some people choose to hire an attorney, you can complete the divorce process on your own and from your own home. This includes everything from filing the necessary forms to finalizing the divorce with the court.

Filing divorce papers in Texas does not have to a stressful, challenging experience. In many cases, a marriage can be dissolved amicably and without great expense. Having the right online divorce forms and helpful instructions can go a long way toward achieving your post-dissolution goals.

What Forms Must be Filed for a Texas Divorce Case?

The Petition for Divorce is the primary document used for initiating a divorce and lists the grounds under which the divorce is being filed. The Petition establishes that the filer is seeking a legal divorce from their spouse.

Where to File Divorce Papers

Most of the time, divorce papers are filed in the clerk’s office of the District Court. The specific court depends on where you and your spouse lived prior to filing. There are jurisdictional requirements related to both the state and county where the filer lives. The divorce papers must be filed in the county where either the Petitioner (the person filing the divorce papers) or the Respondent have resided for at least 90 days.

Filing Fees for Texas Divorce Papers

Local divorce courts impose filing fees which are mandatory and must be paid at the time the Petition is filed. Without paying the filing fees, the court will not accept your Petition for Divorce.

There are ways to avoid the filing fee, depending on the filer’s financial situation. Individuals with little income or who receive government benefits could be entitled to a waiver of filing fees for their divorce. Seeking a waiver requires you to file a document known as an Affidavit of Indigency. Once the affidavit is filed, the court will review your income and determine whether you are entitled to file your divorce papers without paying the fee.

Service of Process

It is not enough to simply file the necessary paperwork and wait for a divorce decree to be issued. Anyone filing for divorce in Texas must also notify their spouse of the divorce (i.e., serve those divorce papers on their spouse) before their marriage can be dissolved.

The responding spouse may agree to waive service of process. When this happens, the Petitioner can file a signed waiver of service to help speed up the process.

Use Our Online Forms to File Divorce Papers in Texas

For many people, the idea of filing for divorce on their own might seem impossible. Our online filing options provide you with the resources you need to simplify the dissolution of your marriage substantially. If you are considering a DIY divorce, our detailed instructions will tell you everything you need to know to successfully file divorce papers in Texas.


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